Best 5 Budget Phones for Music

If you want to listen to some music on a cell phone, you don't need to spend a bunch of money on the latest smartphone. There are several very good older phones which excel when it comes to the sound they produce and the experience they give when you listen to music on. Here a short best 5 list of such phones:

1. Samsung Guru Music

This phone looks very basic on the outside (and indeed it has mostly basic features), but when it comes to music, this is where it really proves itself. The phone's integrated loudspeaker does a very good job when it comes to showcasing the audio capabilities of it. With a 1000 mAh battery, this phone offers 11 hours of listening to music.

2. Nokia 101

The Nokia 101 has an integrated MP3 plater and also included FM radio. This means that, not only can you listen to your favourite songs, but the 103 phon integrated loudspeakers also allow you to tune in to your favourite radio shows.

3. Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman

If there is one thing that Sony Ericsson is famous for (and there are actually a couple of things), it's their excellent music devices. Mix Walkman is not an exception here. Just like almost every other Walkman devices, Mix Walkman has a Zappin key included you can use to find music. Unfortunately, this phone is no longer in production, but is still available in stores.

4. LG GS 155

The LG GS 155 is one of the riches phones when it comes to features. It includes and MP3 player, FM radio (wireless), a very good camera and USB connectivity for quick file transfer. Music lovers will be glad to hear that the 950 mAh battery pack included with this phone offers around 12-15 hours of music playback time.

5. Micromax M2

This phone comes with a dual SIM card and has a SRS certified sound output. The phone provides very clear audio even on high volume and supports the most popular formats such as MP3 and WMA.