Best Smartphone for Listening Music on

It wasn't that long ago when we were using different devices for making phone calls, taking photos, making videos and listening to music. Ten or so years ago, if you wanted to do all of this, you had to have a phone call, a camera and an MP3 player.
 Today, this is no longer the case, as you can do all of that, and even more, using only your smartphone.
Your phone offers a number of really nifty functions. It's not just for making phone calls or sending messages any more. It can also have an integrated camera capable of producing pictures as clear as any such device you could buy. You can use it to browse the Internet, go to your favourite sites, tweet someone and more. And, you can, of course, use it to download and listen to music on.
Of course, when it comes to how a particular phone does when you want to listen to your favourite tracks on it, the following three manufactures are a step above the competition in this regard.


From the Finish mobile phone maker Nokia came a number of excellent music phones. The fact that all Windows Phone 8 models support Nokia Music standard speaks volumes of its influence in this industry. This free music service offers hundreds of mixes for the user to choose from and it also comes with purchasable albums and tracks.
This company can certainly boast a number of very good phones, but Nokia Lumia 925 stands out as their best music smartphone. The revamped Lumia 920 features a super-light chassis and a bright 4.5 inch display which guarantee that you will listen to music in style.


Sony Mobile chose Sony Xperia Z as its flagship music smartphone. Xperia Z not only offers excellent sound thanks to top-notch stereo headphones, but the MH-EX300AP headset provides unprecedented acoustics. This smartphone provides what few other phone can or do, enjoying high quality audio, while still knowing when you receive a call or message.
The company's Sony Music service offers you access to literally millions of songs, all of them in excellent quality for just £4.99 per month.


The Taiwanese phone manufacturer offers one of the most recognizable music smartphones today, HTC One. This phone comes packed with features, but one of them in particular will please all music lovers out there keen on listening their favourite songs on it. BoomSound has a dedicated amplifier and front-face speakers which will let you truly immerse yourself into whatever audio you are listening on this phone.

This phone also has HDR recoding and uses dual mics together with audio processing which allow it to capture HD sound even in loud environment.