Best Smartphones For Music (2013)

The last year was very good to those of us who like to listen to music on our smartphones. So much in fact, that I thought it merited to make a list of best smartphones for music for that period.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 is the phone whose name often came up when you asked last year someone: “What's the best smartphone?”, so don't act surprised that we put it on this list. Sure, it may not look like much when you place it in on the same table next to HTC One BoomSound, but wait till you hear its audio! Few smartphones made last year can even come close to it. Put your headphones on and it brings a truly quality audio to your ears. Even when you max out the audio, it loses nothing of its clear sound.


HTC One is, if not the top, then certainly very near it when it comes to smartphones today. This phone boasts design (both its hardware and UI) that few others have to offer. What the music lover in you will certainly know how to appreciate are the front-faced stereo speakers (and not back-facing). Take just five minutes with it and you'll know why this is good. In addition to this, HTC One also includes BoomSound speakers. With these, you no longer have to carry portable speakers every time you want to enjoy some good audio without your headphones. Even when played on maximum volume, One doesn't have any distortions. The 32 GB of internal storage is more than enough for your music and video needs.

Sony Xperia Z

Raise your hand if you put Sony in the same sentence with “entertainment”. I know I do all the time. Before we had iPhones and iPods, who it was that we turned to when we wanted to listen to some music in the bus, on the streets while walking, or anywhere else outside our home? That's right, Sony's own Walkman. Sony might have seemingly abandoned its Walkman phone series, but with Xperia series they came back to the place rightfully theirs. While other smartphone manufacturer are pretty much inexperienced when it comes to providing the best audio experience, Sony has years and years of it. From how the files are presented in the media player, to the control of audio output and the streaming quality, Xperia Z has it all. Space is also not the issue with this phone as it comes with Google Music. It has 16 GB, but memory can be expanded with micro SD cards.

Apple iPhone 5

Just when we thought that nothing can revolutionize music device industry, came Apple's iPod. And after it, iPhone. The fifth version of iPhone is without doubt one of the best smartphones on the market right now. But what is it that makes it so good when you listen to music on? The answer is simple. Itunes store. In it, you can find nearly all media that is digital.