Looking for the Best Streaming Service for Your Smartphone?

It's so easy to get hooked on listening to music on-the-go and your smartphone offers an excellent avenue for doing this. Unfortunately, you often need to purchase music for download (doing this for free is called “piracy”) and this costs money.

So what's the alternative?

If you are keen on listening to music for free and not breaking any laws, streaming services offer you just what you need. Take a look at some of the best around:


This is probably the best and widely-known music streaming service in the United States and a good part of Europe as well. The service requires subscription, but after this you get access to unlimited streaming and a wide variety of artists, music genres, albums, tracks and playslists. The service is not free, but it is still a great way to save money if you like to download music.


Unlike that other Pandora, opening this one doesn't release all evil upon the world. Instead, it will release an unlimited offer of music files, albums, playlists and authors on your phone. The service is available in US, Australia and New Zealand and can be listened to via Internet or by downloading the app on your phone.


Last.FM is a well-known name and you probably heard of it at some point. Today, it is the most popular radio service on the Internet and it was around even before other music streaming services came to be. Don't mistake it for some dinosaur, though, as Last.FM offers one of the largest music collections around, and it's all for free. The Last.FM Scrobbler allows you to mix music and find new tunes instantly.


This streaming service is a bit different from the rest of them. While all (or the majority) of other similar services are there to allow you to listen to songs from better known artists and record labels, SoundCloud offers you insight into less known music. Thanks to this streaming service, musicians, producers and so on who wish to promote themselves can now find a path to your playlist. The service's primary goal is to find out and promote such musicians and bands. And it's all free of charge.


Songza is a little bit like Pandora. It is also free to use and classified as “Internet radio service”. The service offers a wide variety of channels and playlists that you can tune in to when you want to listen to some music on your phone, either on the Web or via an app. The service uses “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” as a method of determining if you like a particular song or not. This way, it can better match your music tastes. However, what really separates it from other streaming services is the music concierge, a feature that looks at what day it is and time of day to recommend a playlist for you.